Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is the fictional detective created by the Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and first appeared in publication in 1897. A brilliant London based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and is renowned for his skilful use of deductive reasoning and astute observation to solve difficult cases.

He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created and is one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters in any genre. Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short stories that featured Holmes and all but four of them were narrated by Holmes' friend and biographer Dr John H Watson.

According to the stories Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson lived at 221b Baker Street between 1881 and 1904 and although this actual address have been redeveloped the street number 221b has been adopted by the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is a few doors away. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is housed in one of the original adjoining buildings and here the famous first floor study overlooking Baker Street is faithfully maintained as it was kept in Victorian Times. So step back in time the next time you stay at the Americana and visit the world's most famous address!

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The Americana Hotel is located in an area made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his stories about Sherlock Holmes.
The Museum is just 300 meters from the Americana; turn left instead of crossing the road to Baker Street station.