We recommend that you do not bring your car and use London's extensive public transport system instead.

If you are going to bring your car the nearest car park is in Park Road, on the lefts just past the traffic light at the end of Gloucester Place.
It is operated by NCP and if you visit their website you will find details of the charges and a location map.

If you are going to park on the street you should be aware of the following

  1. The residents parking spaces have a 24/7 restriction - for the avoidance of doubt, that includes weekends and public holidays
  2. The metered space have no coin payment system. You have to follow the instruction and pay over the phone.
  3. The hotel is on a red route - there are parking and unloading bay available between 10am and 4pm
  4. You can park on most of the single yellow lines overnight and at the weekend, but do look to see what restrictions apply.

Conjestion Charge
London has a conjestion charge zone and you can get to the Americana without having to pass through it.
If you click on the link below you can check on the zones operating times and there is a map to help you plan your route round it.
Visit Tfl website for details of charges, how to pay and a map of the zone.

Please remember that if you drive into the zone your number plate will be scanned by the cameras and you will be fined if you do not pay the fee.